Be still and know that I’m with you
Be still and know I am.

be still | mia 

If you forget the way to go
And lose where you came from
If no one is standing beside you
Be still and know I am

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The Revelation || Luca & Mia 


Luca was paralyzed.  He couldn’t move anything. Not a single muscle was his own to control. It was different from all those times he had been held in place by his own fear as he hallucinated Mia sliding the cold blade into different parts of his body. This time it wasn’t fear that had forced him into stillness. It was realisation. It was recognition. It was revelation.

He had done so much bad. So much wrong in his life that he couldn’t even remember. He was so tortured by his actions and yet unable to repent for them that he had chosen to take the lives of other people, innocent people, so that he may find peace. And in that frozen moment that seemingly lasted an eternity, Luca felt more lost than ever before.

It was Mia’s words, the sound of her voice distorted with anger, that gave him freedom of movement once more. Had he been in his own mind, he would have pushed her away, stopped the bomb, saved the life of the only good thing in this broken and poisoned world which he had tried in vain to save.

But he wasn’t in his own mind; he was an instinctual creature who’s only conscious aim was to bring Kingston to ashes. And it was with such warped and primal hands that he grabbed Mia, words of comfort or pleading far beyond him now. He pulled the small framed girl close to his chest, his heart thudding so hard that he was certain that she, too, could feel it’s beating.

Watching the realization settle into his mind, Mia almost prayed that he would finally see the sense she’d been trying to put to him for so long. After all this time, maybe it would sink in that Luca was the only one that could save himself and in that, it wouldn’t be from killing the inhabitants of Kingston. It was then, when his arms wrapped around her waist, prohibiting her from reaching the bomb that Mia began to panic. There was so little time left and having only one bullet meant either a chance at breaking free and trying to stop the bomb herself or having to take another option.. and despite her efforts, she only found Luca’s arms constricting around her further. Her mind going into over-drive as she registered all possible actions she could take alone in the Basement with the man who’d tried to kill her on so many occasions, the last resort seemed more like a necessity.

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The Revelation || Luca & Mia 


Luca stood carefully, slowly. He walked in a similar manner to where Mia was. He reached around her and snatched the device from her grip. “Don’t want to detonate this too soon now, do we?” He placed it in the opposite side of the room in the corner. “You see Mia, they all need saving. Not only from each other, or from themselves, but also from the crimes they have committed. The pains they have inflicted upon innocent lives will be forgiven.The Lord will welcome them home in His light and mercy!”

Luca faced her, knowing that she was a threat to his life with the weapon she held but it didn’t matter. All that mattered now was this. The here. The now. Mia and Luca. One final time.

“And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and See. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death and with the beasts of the earth.” He looked to the device behind him. “Revelation. Chapter six. Verses seven and eight.”

Reaching out for the bomb just a little too late, Mia stood, angry boiling over as tears welled in her eyes. “Don’t you get it?! We’re happy and we’re safe here. We don’t need saving - you only want to 'save' us because it means saving yourself for everything you’ve done, Luca!” Exhaling shakily, Mia continued on and planned to do so for as long as she could. “Look at everything you did and the destruction you caused; you need saving from yourself, not us!” With that, Mia brushed off the dust from her clothing, angrily gritting her teeth, unable to bear the thought of him taking away her friend’s lives for no reason other than his own selfish need to quench the guilty conscience he possessed.

Watching the clock dip to a single minute, Mia saw no other way. She could grab the bomb and run out of the asylum maybe. Throw it out of a window - anything. She couldn’t let people get hurt anymore because of Luca. He was her problem and no-one elses. All the good times they’d had were now shrouded in darkness, shadowed by the many times Luca had let Mia down. Even now, even in these precious moments left of life, Luca insisted on talking about this damn God of his that planned on destroying everything in it’s wake. “I don’t care about your damn God.” She growled through gritted teeth before making another attempt for the bomb, hoping to God she could figure out a way to rid the asylum of it before everyone went up and her efforts were futile.

The Revelation || Luca & Mia 


Luca blinked slowly, his hand steady as he ran it carefully over the cold metal and plastic of the device that was sure to bring the building above them to ruins and it’s inhabitants to the Kingdom of Heaven. “Do you remember this place? What happened here?” He didn’t turn to face her; he couldn’t. Though his body was still, his mind raced. It ran though every moment the two had shared together. The first time they spoke. The garden. The bandages. The clear sky. All of it.

The swelling in his chest caused him to bark an almost laugh. “Of course you do.” His eyes turned cold and vacant. “How could you forget?”

He turned to her, more on impulse than anything. “You see, I don’t.” He looked to her with pleading eyes, slow advancing steps were made. He knelt before her, his eyes brimming with tears. “I don’t remember what I did! How I hurt you! That…that scar…” His voice was thick and trailed off into little breaths that bordered gasping. His eyes were vacant once more but fixed this time on where he knew the tarnished flesh resided. “I don’t remember…”

Her teeth clenching at the memory that had haunted her, Mia had to stop herself from giving another curt reply, knowing that a wrong move could trigger him - trigger the bomb. There was still the smell of iron, her eyes flashed to where she’d lay that day when he’d destroyed her trust as he’d dug into her chest with steel, leaving a signature there that did not belong to the man in the same room as her now. That man was long gone. His words turning cold, Mia couldn’t help but reply coolly, hatred bubbling up in her throat threatening to over-spill. “Oh no, you make sure I can’t forget it. That I won’t forget it.” The ugly scar that sat in the center of her chest was a constant reminder of the horror that Luca had once brought to her. Forgetting the sleepless nights and forever lost trust, it had taken Mia months to even feel confident enough to speak to people, having been left to bleed out on the floor of the Basement.

Lurching as he approached her and only realizing the wall was behind her, Mia yelped, hand instinctively shooting forward to give him a firm smack across the face, terror in her eyes as she backed away from the male. The couldn’t be careful around him, not after the last time and the fact he was harbouring weapons and blowing up her home had simply gone far enough. Noting her chance, the girl ran to the device, dropping to her own knees as she turned it over in her hands, trying to find some sort of panel to try and open. She was far from experienced when it came to this thing, but as her shaken hands ran over the clock, she knew she had to try. Faye had to live - Trina too. All the people, all her friends would be lost if she didn’t try and if it meant throwing caution to the wind in an attempt to keep her companions from Luca’s wrath, it was worth a shot.

The Revelation || Luca & Mia 


Luca watched intently as two men dragged Faye’s lump body away. Deep in his heart, beneath the religion and the God and even bellow the pain of every moment Luca could remember, there was a sting of remorse. If the man could see anything beyond his own delusions, he would have seen how wrong this whole situation was. But there was no turning back now, not that the screaming need to stop could be heard from the vault deep within.

As the two men began to lift her up the stairs Luca spoke, his voice soft. Teetering on the edge of caring. “Be careful with her.” They nodded and began their ascension with greater care. The third stood, leaning against the wall, expression conveying little interest in the events that were unfolding before him. “Bring her down.” Luca’s commanding tone was one that this particular boy, he couldn’t have been older that seventeen, wasn’t accustomed to. Nevertheless, he followed the instruction and climbed the stairs to bring to Luca what he desired most.

A chance to make amends.

Having figured out that Faye wasn’t returning from the kitchens that day, playing Alice’s last conversation over and over about being held in the basement, everything started to click into place. The kidnappings, the bombings; Hell, if there was anyone crazy enough in this world to destroy people that he supposedly cared about, it was Luca. So the sickly stomach she nursed had told her to go to the Basement, the place where everything started.. and hopefully the place where everything would end. She’d managed to beat one of his lackey’s with a piece of pipe she’d found amidst the rubble, snatching the small gun and concealing it well in the swathe of clothes she now wore to cover up as much flesh as possible. 

Her mind racing as she took her own pace to the room she feared the most, it wasn’t long before his heavies found her, snatching her by the wrists and forcing her down the stone steps herself. It took a moment for her to register the body ascending from the darkness; Faye. Screaming and kicking, she used as much body weight as possible to break the strong-hold they had on her.. but Mia was simply too small and much too weak. Reaching the bottom, she was pushed into the depths, noticing the silhouette in the dark room. “You’re a monster!” Pushing herself against the wall as far from him as she could, it was in that moment she noticed the cube in the center of the room. It was smaller than she expected but Mia knew exactly what it was from the minute she saw the count-down on the front of the box. It was a bomb.. and it was going to detonate.


-turning back as she stands at the door, she does so with a small smile- Yeah?

-her smile wide though she feels nervous- ..I love you, y’know.


-though reluctantly, she unweaves her arms from Mia’s and stands in the cramped space- Right, don’t worry about food. I’ll deal with that… You meet me down at Trina’s room in ten minutes, yeah?

-smiling up at Faye, she begins to collect the odd bits they have with them to get to Trina’s room- Be safe. I’ll see you soon.. oh and Faye?

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